#RotaDoMontaria is present in 110 restaurants spread throughout Continental Portugal and Madeira. From north to south, we cover 13 districts, 39 municipalities, and 63 villages. The Rota do Montaria passes through a restaurant near you.

Look for the footprint on the doors of participating establishments and cheers a lot!


Repor Localizações

Montaria, true to Alentejo!

On a sunny slope of Serra d'Ossa, surrounded by the peaceful landscape of northern Alentejo, in the parish of Redondo, lies Montaria. It spans approximately 200 hectares, consisting of vineyards, olive groves, and cork oak forests (montado).

The proximity to Serra d'Ossa provides extreme temperature variations in the region, which are crucial for differentiating the wines born here, known for their refreshing characteristics.
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